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Shopify serves to be the complete ecommerce solution which allows people to set up as well as run their own online shopping stores. The customers can even organize and manage their products, customize the design of the online store, accept the payments easily and ship the products just within a few mouse clicks. What is great about creating your store with Shopify is that you do not need to download any software.

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With Shopify, you get a safe and secure shopping card that lets you accept all major credit cards. The shopping cart is even hundred percent PCI-DSS compliant to let your customers enjoy online shopping from safe store.

Shopify even lets you choose and create the store design from its 100 and above beautifully designed templates. What is more interesting is that you can even make your own design with the help of HTML & CSS. In all, it can be said that Shopify is totally customizable store, easy to utilize online store builder and the ecommerce solution that even offers ecommerce hosting to the customers.

The customers can even enjoy free updates from Shopify as it adds latest features every day and the future updates are free for the customers. You can even use the free 30 days trial with Shopify to see whether it works for you or not. There are no charges included in case you cancel within first 30 days of your use. Moreover, you can cancel anytime without any hidden charges.

Shopify offers you your very own storefront so that you can sell your items with ease. Just pick the best theme available at their Theme Store or in case you are aware of HTML & CSS, just create your design and start your online store in no time. You can further manage as well as edit the content of your store by simply logging into the Shopify admin. This way, you can edit the content of your store, add some new items to the list and accept payments easily.

Further, you enjoy automatic backing up of your store so that you do not need to worry about losing the data of your store due to any reason whatsoever. Different plans and packages are also available for you to choose from.

So when you sign up for amazing services from Shopify, they take due care of all technical things so that you do not face any problems creating your online store.

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